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    I wanted to write you because I did a lot of research into these things and yours had all the best features and the best price. The only thing I would suggest is you supply different hardware with the units.  I replaced the bolts that adjust the shoes with pins and cotter pins. (much easier and faster to adjust) I will be glad to tell my riding partners about your product.

W R Ozanich



    I'm very happy with the new frame style, the chock looks and works great. Keep up the good work!

Bob Drysdale, Milton Ontario



   I received my chock today and adjusted it for my bike,  I can't believe how solid the bike is in the chock before fastening the straps. You guys build an amazing chock! You will be hearing from my fellow riders when they see how good it works.

thanks, Sam



  Great product, works like a charm, money well spent, my friends are interested. do you have a supplier near me in Peterborough. 

Thanks Chris, Peterborough Ontario



   I have sold 3 Smart Chocks and have received good comments on all of them. The design and ease of loading and unloading is a plus.  I  have a friend who is putting 4 in his 16 foot trailer. Very nice product.  Once someone sees its quality and easy operation, they will buy one.

Bruce Bursten,  Middletown Ohio



Hi Erik
    Thought I would give you some feedback on your well named Smart Chock. It does it all for me and the customers we have sold to. At my age I find it very handy and safe to be able to drive into the wheel chock, get off my bike and strap it down with the bike in a sturdy upright position. I found that using the old style chock, I was always a little leery that the bike would fall over while attaching the straps (I'm not as nimble as I used to be). I have replaced the bolts, used for adjusting the shoe position, with hitch pins, bought at your local TSC store. Adjustments can now be made without the use of wrenches. Even though it is set up for my bike it seems other people want to use it for their bike, trailer and all. The more people that see it in actual use, the more believe and buy.

Thanks for a well made product
Fox Harley Davidson, Owen Sound



   We at Sturgess Cycle have had great success both selling and using this product. I personally used one in the back of a pick-up just held in with tie downs. I took the customer's bike from Hamilton to Florida and got tired of checking after an hour when I realized the bike was solidly mounted.
  We use the chocks in the showroom to provide more space between bikes and to allow customers to sit on bikes with no worries of falling over. We use them for bikes as small as a 250cc and as big as a 2300cc Triumph Rocket!
  This is the best, safest way to store your bike in a garage and take up less space. We are looking forward to another successful year of selling your product. Customers using the Smart Chock say they will never trust their side stand again (especially on certain sport bikes).
Thank You, Steve Allen
Sturgess Cycle
615 King St. W.
Hamilton, ON


    I had to write to recommend the smart chock to everybody who owns a bike I am very impressed at the stability and ease of unloading and loading of my bike in and out of it .My garage won't go without one and I will never trust my side stand again. Thanks again for a great product.

Kelly Barrett, St.Catharines, Ontario

A Special Thank you

   Thank you to all customers who have entrusted our Smart Chock to secure  their precious ride, as well as the submission of your very kind words. 

   The designs and research of the Smart Chock has taken a long and hard course of countless hours. It is very rewarding to see the satisfied customers as well as reading your letters.

      If you have had experiences with your Smart Chock that you'd like to share, or help build confidence in a prospective buyer, please send your feedback