Company Profile

   Trailers Niagara Mfg. was established in 1994, building open and enclosed trailers. Our companyís reputation has been well structured, not due to quantity, but concentrating on our product quality.

    Our records of experience and customer satisfaction will assist in the design and layout of a trailer to specifically suit the needs of your applications.

    There are no production lines in our facility, each trailer is designed and individually handcrafted in order to build a product youíll take full advantage of when using, rather than purchasing a trailer knowing that itís not designed for what you want to do with it.

    At Trailers Niagara Mfg., you do have choices! Like, how much floor space do you need? How strong do the axles have to be to carry your loads? How will you secure you cargo?

   You are involved with the designs and layouts of your trailer, and rightfully so, because youíll be the one whoíll be using it.

    Donít panic, with the knowledge and experiences behind us, we will be able to assist you with all the right decisions. We strive to do it right the first time, and that is what has made us the reputable company that we are today.

   If you are interested in any one of our products, or services, or have ideas of your own, we gladly invite new challenges and look forward to hearing from you.

                    Erik Rosenthal